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      Why Jasper Is Right For Your Business

      Located in southeast Texas, ranked nationally as the “Best State for Business,” Jasper has a combination of elements desirable to your business including local incentives, a friendly business climate, and an able government.

      The area also has Jasper’s 5-L Advantages: Location, Low Cost, Logistics, Labor and Lifestyle. With its motivated government, express permitting, access to customized workforce development programs and desirable community, there’s a compelling business case to choose Jasper, Texas.

      A Productive, Friendly Climate For Your Business.

      For relocation or expansion, why do companies choose one location over another? The number one answer from site selectors and company executives is usually business climate. If you are looking for the right business climate, you will want to take a close look at Jasper.

      In survey after survey, Texas ranks among the very best for business. Top factors are streamlined permitting, locations with no zoning, a capable workforce, and a reasonable regulatory environment. Jasper excels in all four.

      When Provalus began its search for a Texas location we knew we would have options, but JEDCO presented a solution that quickly made all other options insignificant.   JEDCO’s Staff and board of directors had the needed connections with state, county and city resources, as well as the ability to bring them together in a productive way.   Simply put, without JEDCO, we would not be in Jasper.  

      Chuck Ruggiero

      President, Provalus

      Workforce & Employment.

      Jasper, known for its solid work ethic, has a readily available pool of skilled and semi-skilled labor and backed by a public education district that receives top State ratings.

      There are many more good reasons why companies choose Jasper. We’ve narrowed Jasper’s many advantages down to five—we call them “The Five L’s.”

      • Location
      • Logistics
      • Labor
      • Low-Cost
      • Lifestyle


      Why Jasper?

      Clear business advantages plus a unique outdoors lifestyle like yours choose Jasper for our Natural Economic Opportunities!