Jasper’s Advantages

Jasper’s common sense approach to business regulation, favorable tax benefits and the opportunity to take advantage of our available workforce are all benefits to calling the city “home” for your business relocation, expansion or beginning.

There are many more good reasons why companies choose Jasper. We’ve narrowed Jasper’s many advantages down to five—we call them “The Five L’s.”

  • location
  • logistics
  • labor
  • low cost
  • lifestyle


Jasper is the regional center for industry, retail, government, the judiciary, healthcare and even recreational attractions.

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A compelling Jasper advantage is its transportation infrastructure—via rail, two national highways, four accessible deep water ports and the region’s only commercial airport.

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Your workforce is here, ready to go to work for you. It includes skilled workers, and specialty workforce training can be offered through Angelina College. 

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Low Cost

Everything’s lower in Jasper—taxes, labor costs, prices for housing and commercial property and the cost of living. Lower costs make for higher profit.

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Jasper presents a unique combination of industry, hometown values, mild winters and an outdoors lifestyle that for many is the clincher.

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