Common Occupations in Jasper

Jasper, known for its solid work ethic, has a readily available pool of skilled and semi-skilled labor and backed by a public education district that receives top State ratings.

Educated and Ready

Jasper ranks No. 81 on the list of “The Top 100 high-educated but low-earning cities.”

Employers Benefit

This “high educated/low earning” ranking, combined with Jasper’s above-average employment rate, means that Jasper has what every employer is looking for—an educated workforce, at low cost, available now.

Upward Bound 

Low-earning, high unemployment—there is no joy in these factors. We’re bound and determined to change them, for the betterment of everyone in Jasper. But right now, they make Jasper a really attractive place for businesses looking for a new site an available, affordable workforce.

Experienced Workers 

Times change. Economies change. And those changes are often painful. Many of Jasper’s traditional jobs in timber and wood-related industries have dried up and gone away. Those experienced workers, with their good work habits and valuable skills are still here. They’re awaiting you. Jasper is open for business.