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      Experimental Aircraft Manufacturer Wins JEDCO Grant

      Nov 18, 2019 | Case Studies

      Spectre Aeronautics’ P-85

      In August of 2019, the JEDCO Board of Directors agreed to grant $200 thousand to Bravo Aviation to help start Spectre Aeronautics.  Spectre will produce and market two models of experimental aircraft kits, the P-85 and Radial Rocket – the difference being the type of power-plant each model will utilize.

      In the economic agreement, the money must be used to purchase molds for the composite structure airplane, as well as the rights to produce and sell the product.  In exchange, Spectre Aeronautics agreed to provide a minimum of 6 new jobs for a period of 36 months.

      As of their monthly report for October, Spectre has 7 full-time employees including a paint technician, Air-frame/composites technician, and apprentices for each.  They intend to add a lead power-plant mechanic soon.

      Spectre Aeronautics has orders today for 3 airplanes plus, they want to build another for their company which already owns and flies a P-85 model.  They intend to begin construction on a high temp oven by the end of 2019.