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      Local Government Making A Better Business Environment

      As a regional commercial center in southeast Texas, an hour north of Beaumont, an hour and a half from Ft. Polk and two hours northeast of Houston, Jasper is blessed with an able local government focused on the greater good of the entire Jasper community.

      JEDCO and local government leaders understand the economic realities of site selection and business and are ready to provide assistance in Site Selection, Local Workforce Development, Grant Identification & Applications, Tax Incentives, and Financial Support.

      The County.

      Jasper is actively seeking new business and capital development to improve the area and its infrastructure and to promote economic growth within the region.

      Jasper County is in southeast Texas, 30 miles from Louisiana to the east and bordered by the Big Thicket country to the west. The City of Jasper is the county seat. The county’s population is about 36,000 people, and its government is headed by an elected County Judge and a Commissioners Court, which is made up of four elected County Commissioners and the County Judge.

      The City of Jasper.

      Jasper, the county seat of Jasper County, has a population of about 7,500 people. Jasper has a mayor-manager-council system of municipal governance. This means the city administration is headed by an elected mayor, elected at-large, and a hired city manager. Jasper is also run by a city council of six members—five council members and the mayor. Four council members represent single-member districts, and one council member represents an at-large district. Jasper is actively seeking economic and capital development.

      Jasper Economic Development Corporation, the City of Jasper, Jasper County, the Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce and the State of Texas are all committed to making the Jasper area a place where your business can grow and prosper.


      Jasper is the regional judicial center, home to both the state District Court (Texas District 1) and the county court. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas also has jurisdiction in Jasper County. Appeals from the Eastern District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

      Jasper prides itself on being business-friendly, and as a result, has processes in place to minimize the regulatory burden associated with moving or starting a business. Local government officials recognize that good jobs benefit the entire community, and view business and regulatory burdens accordingly.

      Why Jasper?

      Are you looking to expand or relocate your business in Jasper County? Do you have questions about the process or the services we provide? Contact one of our team of experts.